2024 Sydney Water Community Grants

By Ryan Park MP - Member for Keira

13 May 2024

Amount: Up to $10,000

Close Date: 1 July 2024

Applicants: Applicants must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or be registered as a not for-profit organisation. The Program is open to (but not limited to) the following groups within the Sydney Water’s
area of operation (Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and the Illawarra):

• not-for-profit organisations• social enterprise groups
• social groups and sports clubs
• education institutions (schools, universities, TAFE NSW colleges)
• content creators, e.g., artists, writers, filmmakers, bloggers, photographers,
• volunteer groups
• councils working in partnership with community groups
• public health or allied health body and housing co-operatives who can facilitate
grassroots projects with community groups.
The following people/groups cannot apply:
• Sydney Water employees/contractors or their immediate family members
• organisations that in Sydney Water’s opinion, expose Sydney Water to a reputational
• organisations with links to negative impacts on the environment or health
• anyone else or any other proposed projects or initiatives that Sydney Water
considers inappropriate or not aligned with its business objectives, values, or

Description: Grants to support ‘driving a sustainable water future’ with the focus areas of water education, healthy waterways and/or water conservation: 

  • Water Education: Projects that educate our community about our connection to water, it’s cultural value, water in our environment and water efficiency to ensure a resilient water future. The project must have a clear call to action that will inspire, and drive behaviour change surrounding water in the community.  
  • Healthy Waterways: Projects that support the health of our waterways including rivers, beaches and green spaces which interact with waterways. The project must benefit the health of our local aquatic environments. 
  • Water Conservation: Projects that reduce, reuse, recycle water, to lower water consumption and drive a resilient water future. The project must result in significant water savings through the development and implementation of water saving technologies, devices, appliances and systems.