About Labor


The Labor Party is founded on the principles of keeping Australia fair. As a party we believe in the values of equality, democracy, liberty and social co-operation. Our commitment to Labor values means working together to make sure that the benefits of rising prosperity are shared fairly and underwrite a better and fairer future for the next generation. Prosperity starts with good jobs and services. Labor has fought for more than a hundred years to ensure everyone can get a job, and that essential health and education services are accessible.

Education: Opportunity starts with a great education. Labor in government has always lifted investment in our schools and our literacy and numeracy rates are among the highest in the world.

Health: Labor has always increased funding for health and re-built or upgraded every major hospital in NSW. We remain committed to keeping health care accessible for all.

Workplace Rights: Labor is committed to the application of democracy in industry to increase the opportunities for people to work in satisfying, healthy and humane conditions, and to participate in and to increase their control over the decision-making processes affecting them.

Environment: Labor knows the fragile and diverse nature of our natural environment and is committed to its protection. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining our national and marine parks, as well as tackling climate change.

First Nations people: We recognise the prior ownership of Australian land by First Nations people, and recognise the essential relationship with the land as a basis of their culture.

Equality: A healthy democracy ensures social justice and equality for individuals, the family and all social units, and the elimination of exploitation based on gender, race, or age.