Levels of Government

In Australia you have different representatives at 3 levels of government (Local, State, Federal) each of which is responsible for different areas of Australian law and administering government services. To ensure any issue you have reaches the people who can help please see the useful list below outlining which level of government is responsible for and can best help you with your issue. In any case please do not hesitate to contact my office if you are unsure about who best to contact.


Public Hospitals

Public Schools


Public Transport

Public Housing

National Parks

Emergency Services

NSW Police

NSW Fair Trading

Service NSW

Primary Industries and Agriculture

State Roads (eg Pacific Highway)

Land and Water Management

Since I am the Member for Keira in the NSW parliament if you are a constituent in Keira and your issue falls under one of these categories I may be able to help by contacting the relevant state departments or communicating with the relevant minister on your behalf. If your issue falls under state managed healthcare and you are not a constituent in Keira please contact me in my capacity as Health Minister or Regional Health Minister on (02) 7225 6050.


Local roads and footpaths

Rubbish collection

Council Rates

Sporting fields and parks

Street lighting and signage

Residential and commercial development

Animal control

It’s best to try contacting your local Council directly first if you have problems with these issues. If you live in the Electorate of Keira, you will live in the Wollongong City Council area available on (02) 4227 7111 or on their website.




Child Support

Aged Care



Foreign Affairs

Higher Education


Aviation and Shipping


Veterans' Affairs

If your concerns relate to one of these issues, you should contact your local Federal Member. You can find out who your Federal Member is by visiting the Australian Parliament's website and entering your postcode. If you live in the State Electorate of Keira, your Federal Member is either:

Alison Byrnes MP, who can be contacted on (02) 4228 5899 or at [email protected]

Stephen Jones MP, who can be contacted on (02) 4297 2285 or at [email protected].