Community Groups Grant Information

1. Helping Local Community Groups

Volunteers who support our local sporting clubs and community groups do such a terrific job encouraging all of us. Sporting clubs do an amazing job with our children to get involved in regular physical activity.  Our electorate is home to so many different community groups and sporting clubs, but that also means ensuring participants have access to good quality sporting facilities and community infrastructure to enhance participation across all age groups.

I have worked with a range of different groups to help secure additional funding through grants that will be used to improve facilities at our local grounds and sporting centres and community based groups.  One way to assist local groups is through the NSW Community Building Partnership (CBP) program.  If you’re involved in local sporting club or community groups and are looking to improve your facilities to increase participation please do not hesitate to contact my office.

2. Community Building Partnerships

 The NSW Community Building Partnership (CBP) program aims to create more vibrant and inclusive communities across NSW. This is done by supporting projects that encourage community participation, inclusion and cohesion, and deliver positive social, environmental, inclusive or recreational outcomes.

There is a maximum of $300,000 allocated to each electorate. Incorporated not-for-profit community organisations and local councils (who are required to provide matched funding to the CBP grants) are eligible to apply for grants of between $2,500 and $300,000. As a guide, the average grant awarded is around $20,000.

Eligible projects will be assessed against four equally weighted program criteria:

  1. Enhancing facilities — the project develops a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive community through the enhancement or construction of community infrastructure.
  2. Meeting community needs — the project supports activities and services needed by local communities.
  3. Increasing community participation — the project encourages participation in activities or services needed by a broad section of the community.
  4. The organisation’s capacity — the applicant has the capacity to deliver the project on time and within scope

This is a very popular program within the Keira electorate. Annually there is more than $1 million requested, so less than half of the applications are successful.

It is very important that you discuss with my office your application. This engagement is important so I am aware of the details of the project. I am more than happy to visit your group so you can show me your plans.