Improving our local schools

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Keira Leadership Award

As a former teacher I know the importance of nurturing students and how imperative it is to recognise their achievements.

For this reason in 2013 I created the Keira Leadership Award.  This honour is awarded to a student who has shown leadership and initiative within their school community as nominated by their school.

These may be students who are not necessarily an elected School Leader but rather a student who is enthusiastic, diligent and always looking for ways they can do something to  help others.  I believe that recognition for those quiet achievers is crucial to ensuring they know their efforts are valued.


Improving facilities

Helping Local Community Groups

Parent and Community Groups  do an amazing job with fundraising and assisting where they can to help improve their schools. P&F groups can apply for funding through Community Building partnerships to help improve the infrastructure within their school. 

I have worked with many parent and community groups across the electorate to help secure additional funding through grants that will be used to improve facilities.  One way to assist local groups is through the NSW Community Building Partnership (CBP) program.  If you’re involved at your local school club and are looking to improve your facilities to increase participation and learning outcomes then please contact my office.